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Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve

2 Days | 4-10 People | 240€ per person

I will teach you the basics of the video editing software DaVinci Resolve. We will go through linear and non linear editing, color correction and exporting correct video formats. Bring your own laptop and we will install the software for you.

Introduction in DaVinci Resolve
We will go through the basics of video editing and the setup of the program and go through each tool and make a list of important things to take care of while using DaVinci Resolve.
Basics of Video Editing
Find out the basics rules of editing and learn how to break them.
Basics of Color Grading
DaVinci is a powerful program for color grading. We will go through the basics of how to do a color correction and use effects in DaVinci.
UnderstandingCodecs & Export options
We will talk about different codecs and how to correctly export video files for YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn.


The teacher for this workshop:

I have 15 years experience in filming and editing and can show you easy ways to efficiently create your own videos.

Sascha Lasarzewski
IG: rogerpaletti


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