Roger Paletti

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We have two different studios & a studio garden for your creative projects. Our space is in the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg. Scroll to get more infos.

Photo- & Videostudio

Daylight Studio in the roof of a nice backyard in Kreuzberg.

  • 2,72m wide backdrops
  • 10 different colours
  • daylight from above
    • (blackout possible)
  • kitchen (free coffee) & bathroom
  • make-up area
  • a lot of furniture & costumes
  • fully equipped (lights, cameras…)
  • a lot extras (haze, teleprompter…)
  • fast WiFi
equipment list
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chose which package

Which studio do you want? Which equipment do you need?


reserve a spot

write us a mail or use our calendly booking system to reserve a spot at the studio.


be creative

use our space and create your photos or videos. Please be aware of the studio rules.

We create products that make people happy.


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