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branding & design

Web Development

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SEO & Marketing

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Regular Content Creation

Regular content for your social media channels or website.

1. Basic Content Creation

Ideal for: Small businesses or individuals looking for a steady stream of content for their social media channels.

• 1 Production Day per Month
• Post Production for 3 reels
• 4-8 high quality Photos

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3. Advanced Package

Ideal for: Larger businesses or brands that require a high volume of diverse content, including multiple video types and a photo collection.

• Production: days per month
• Post-Production for 8 reels
• 2 interviews or product videos
• 25-40 high-quality photos

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Additional Services

These packages are designed to cater to a variety of business sizes and content needs, ensuring that each client receives tailored and effective media production services.

1. Extra Production Day: 500€
2. Drone Footage: 300€
3. Script Writing: 200€
4. Voice Over: 150€
5. Animation & Graphics: 300€

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