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I have a team of professional editors, camera men and sound designer. We can film your interview, product video, music video, event or commercial at our studio or outside.


I offer profile photos, portraits, sedcards, business photos or event photography. I also work together with many talented photographers so we can offer the perfect contact for you.

Studio Rental

Rent your creative space for a photoshoot or videoshoot. The studio is fully equipped in Berlin Kreuzberg.


Our experts offer workshops for videography, photography, editing and marketing.


chose which package

Which studio do you want? Which equipment do you need?


reserve a spot

write us a mail or use our calendly booking system to reserve a spot at the studio.


be creative

use our space and create your photos or videos. Please be aware of the studio rules.


Work Completed


Happy Customers


Positive Feedbacks

Sascha Lasarzewski


Ben Zola

Director of Photography

Amazing studio, welcoming and very nice people working there. I recommend 💕

Leah Meirinhos

The video I had made there was great and exactly what I wanted. It was also a pleasant and friendly contact and my wishes were well taken into account. I can only recommend.

Robert Penkert

Super committed, good ideas, professional. Video recordings + editing.
Clear recommendation!

Ole Sag