Alles Roger. Alles Paletti.

Our studios are located in Berlin Kreuzberg. We offer different rooms for several settings for your photos or videos. All studios are equipped with different lighting options.

Additionally you can rent photo and video equipment such as cameras, lenses, gimbals, a live stream box, teleprompter or a haze machine.

Studio 1

The 70m2 Loft is located on the roof of the building. You can use natural light or chose from different light options available. 

45€ / hour

Backdrop system with 10 different colours
Lights: 3x CineFlows, 3x 60W Lights, RGB Lights
Haze machine, Reflectors
Different Sofas and Chairs
Kitchen, Bathroom, WiFi, Make-Up Area and Fire Place

Studio 2

The Studio 2 is located in the basement of the building. You have 2 rooms. We have a  4,5m white wall, a greenscreen, and a remote RGB Light system.

45€ / hour

Desk with 4 chairs
4,5m white wall
3m Green Screen & Black Screen
User Interface
Brand Identity

We have a big variety of different chairs, sofas, accessoires and backgrounds you can chose from for your project.

We are located in Berlin Kreuzberg in a nice backyard.
Give us a visit and let's work together!